4 Advantages Of Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

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4 Advantages Of Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

4 Advantages Of Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

4 Advantages Of Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

4 Advantages Of Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego For a normal playground in San Diego, only two objectives matter: allowing children to have fun and ensuring their safety. The playground will be a huge success if both of those objectives are consistently met. You might want to think about using poured-in situ rubber as the surface of choice to strive toward both of those goals. This sort of playground surface has a variety of advantages, which explains why it has grown so popular in recent years.  For more information on some of the advantages of this appealing choice, please explore the text below. 
  • Excellent Value 

When establishing a playground, the cost is a constant problem. You should discover that the price of the material is less high than some of your other selections because this type of surface is made from recycled rubber. Additionally, since the installation procedure is finished quickly, your overall labor costs will be lower. Taking the idea of cost savings a step further, the fact that this type of surface requires no upkeep saves you money once more. Choose poured-in rubber to ensure that the price of your playground surface doesn’t spiral out of control and continues to eat up your budget in the years to come. 
  • Outstanding Safety Performance 

As was already stated while discussing a playground surface, safety is always going to be of the utmost importance. Fortunately, pour-in rubber is a dependable option in terms of safety. There are no seams to pose a tripping hazard and the material won’t shift over time. In the busiest areas of the playground, traffic will cause loose-fill materials like wood chips to be pushed farther away. This implies that it provides less padding, which makes the playground less secure. 
  • Adapts To Any Design 

If you choose poured-in rubber as your preferred surface, you won’t be restricted in terms of playground design. There are a tonne of color choices available, and it’s simple to adjust the surface’s size and shape to suit your needs. Schools frequently match the playground surface to the school colors, and public playgrounds frequently utilize vibrant, enjoyable colors to draw in children and keep them entertained. 
  • Fantastic Year-Round 

When you choose a poured rubber surface, the ability of kids to enjoy the playground all year should be increased. It has a non-slip surface, which will aid in traction when it rains, and it has the propensity to drain well. Without dirt, there is obviously no mud for parents to be concerned about during a play session that occurs after a downpour. 


How Long Does The Rubber That Is Poured In Place Last?  Depending on foot traffic, a pour-in-place playground surface will typically last 10 years before any type of maintenance is necessary; there is no need to truck in new surface filler each spring. It can last up to 12 to 15 years with proper care.  What Is The Price Of Poured Rubber Flooring?  Depending on the options chosen, the average cost of poured-in-place rubber ranges from $10 to $15 per square foot.  How Much Does Rubber That Is Poured In Place Cost?  Accessible and secure poured-in-place rubber surfaces are typically installed in playgrounds. Rubber surfacing does, however, have a tendency to retain heat, just like any other surfacing material, especially in extremely hot weather or after extended sun exposure. The playground surface is just one aspect of a great playground, but it’s a significant one. Don’t forget to take into account poured-in-place rubber as a dependable, affordable option for your playground project. Get in touch with Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777.


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