Pro Services splash pads are perfect for splash pad playgrounds and around pools.

Splash Pads are becoming increasingly popular for water activities with a safe, non-slip surfacing. Splash tread is perfect for pools and splash pad playgrounds. Over the years, splash pads have grown increasingly more popular as aquatic playgrounds that promote splash mats. This new style of play demands a new type of playground surfacing: one that is cooler, softer, and non-abrasive.

PRO-SPLASH is the most durable, chlorine-resistant, and UV stable surfacing on the market. Most importantly, it provides a non-slip surface for splash pads and water features. PRO-SPLASH systems can be installed directly over asphalt or concrete. The system is porous which is ideal for water and spray parks.

PRO SERVICES has installed many safety surfacing around Pools and Water Park/Splash Pads.


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