Synthetic Grass For Dogs Runs & Dog Parks In San Diego

Playground Safety Surfacing artificial grass will keep your yard appearing freshly manicured despite beloved dogs. Provide the appearance and feel of natural grass without the wear and tear caused by pet waste and foot traffic. As usual, our synthetic grass products are lead-free, non-toxic, and safe, and usual. Furthermore, our grasses do not harbor fleas or ticks, which is beneficial to everyone.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

The quick-draining backing of our rapid draining artificial grass for dogs eliminates the formation of odor-causing microorganisms. Playground Safety Surfacing’s refresh natural enzymatic turf cleaner and odor neutralizer clean quickly and effectively. We also provide Zeolite, an odor-neutralizing mineral infill to keep odor-causing microorganisms at bay.

Drainage Solutions To Clean Artificial Grass For Pets

In addition to our pet-friendly synthetic grass products, we provide complete surface drainage solutions. These drainage treatments make it simple to rinse pet urine from the synthetic grass system, keeping it clean and fresh for years. For additional information on this drainage alternative, call us now.

Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf Applications

  • Residential lawns and backyards
  • Dog runs
  • Dog parks
  • Veterinary facilities
  • Dog daycares
  • Pet supply stores

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Artificial Grass Dog Run Installation

Dogs Can Run Freely

Dogs have been regarded as sociable pets for a long time. People like spending time with them, and they reciprocate love and affection. In order to keep your beloved pet healthy, you should set up a dog run where he or she may run and play freely. In this respect, we provide artificial synthetic grass turf that is clean and appealing, as well as non-toxic and suitable for dogs. This sort of terrain is ideal for dogs to run on since it is free of obstacles. We understand how much you love your dog, and we provide safe outside environment services with that in mind.

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The nice thing about our grasses is that they are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs, as well as being cost-effective.

We spend a few moments getting to know you and your pet’s needs. In this regard, we consider a variety of factors before deciding on the best course of action.


You have a variety of grass varieties to pick from, so you can choose one that is ideal for your landscape. They’re all lovely, gorgeous green grasses that are tough enough to withstand the activity of busy dogs.


Upgrade the infill material to envirofill for Dog Runs, which maintains the grass area cleaner and sanitary. Envirofill minimizes the stench of pet urine.

Synthetic Grass For Dog Run Areas

Dog Run Areas

Upgrade the infill material to envirofill for Dog Runs, which maintains the grass area cleaner and sanitary. Envirofill minimizes the stench of pet urine.

Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States. In many households, dogs are devoted companions. It’s impossible to find a more devoted and caring companion. Install fake synthetic grass turf in your yard to make it more pleasant and excellent for your dog. There is no more muck, and there are no more yellow patches. All your dog needs is a clean, comfortable, and sturdy play place. Our artificial synthetic grass for dogs is easy to maintain, non-toxic, non-flammable, and durable.

Artificial synthetic grass is an excellent choice for your lawn and dog run.

Our fake synthetic grass system is built to drain quickly so that any spills can be quickly cleaned, smells are reduced, and the grass stays dry. For odor and bacteria growth control, we propose upgrading the infill material to Envirofill.

The dirt and mud spots that unavoidably appear during rainy and dry seasons will be eliminated by replacing your natural lawn with artificial synthetic grass, enabling your dog to play outside without tracking muck into your house.

All of our artificial grass products are pet-friendly, safe, and durable, allowing your pet to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Ground preparation, which creates a hard and quick drainage base, is included in the installation to provide a long-lasting, safe and clean environment for you and your dogs.

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