Porous Rubber Tree Wells In San Diego

Playground Safety Surfacing rubber tree wells are specially engineered to help prevent sidewalk cracking and trip hazards. The porosity of these rubber trees surrounds a healthy environment for the tree and its roots, promoting deep rooting and lowering root heaving. Our tree wells are flexible enough to allow tree roots to move and develop beneath the surface without shattering the surface.

Rubber Tree Wells Protect Urban Trees

Poured In Place tree wells have been erected around the United States to protect urban trees and avoid their removal.

Cities and communities benefit from urban trees because they enhance air quality, cool the air, minimize the urban heat island effect, and beautify them. Studies have also demonstrated that being in the presence of trees is beneficial to one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Who wouldn’t want more trees around with all those advantages? Many towns and localities are making strenuous efforts to plant new trees and conserve those that already exist.

Rubber Tree Well Systems By Playground Safety Surfacing

Depending on the project objectives and design considerations, Our tree wells can be built as a single-layer system or as a two-layer system. The three most popular tree well systems from Poured In Place are listed below. Each of the three systems comes in a range of colors. Color mixes with two or more hues are also possible.

Single Layer Pervious Pavement Rubber Tree Well

This single-layer rubber tree well system is made entirely of recycled rubber pieces in a big commodity size that allows for quick drainage. Brown, tan, beige, green, brick red, black, grey, and blue are some of the hues offered for this system.

Rubber Mulch Tree Wells: black rubber tree wells, brown rubber tree wells, red rubber tree wells, tan rubber tree wells, green rubber tree wells, gray rubber tree wells

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Single Layer Premium Rubber Shred Tree Well

The premium rubber shred tree well option uses a bonded rubber mulch that has a natural appearance. Dark brown, light brown, green, tan, brick red and blue are some of the hues available for this choice. Color mixes of two or more hues are also possible, as seen in the samples below.

Dual Layer Rubber Tree Well

A base layer of 100 percent recycled rubber pieces is covered with a ‘wear’ layer of virgin rubber that is dyed all the way through to ensure colorfastness overtime in the two-layer rubber tree well system. This option often provides more personalization and a wider range of color choices.

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