Rooftop Landscaping In San Diego

Have you considered turning an underutilized rooftop space into a lovely leisure area? It’s simple with Playground Safety Surfacing’s lightweight, low-maintenance synthetic turf, which is ideal for rooftop gardening where the grass is difficult to grow.

Rooftop spaces are particularly beneficial in heavily populated metropolitan areas when green outside spaces are scarce. A rooftop with synthetic grass may provide a lovely outdoor spot for employees, students, residents, or guests to relax, recreate, or play soccer.

Rooftop playgrounds, rooftop leisure areas, urban residential rooftop common spaces, green roofs, and more have all benefited from our environmentally friendly artificial grass.

Drainage Solutions For Rooftop Synthetic Turf

For your rooftop synthetic turf installation, a range of drainage methods is available. The synthetic turf can be bonded down to allow water to flow laterally through the rooftop’s drainage system. The system, which enables quick drainage, is another alternative. For further information, seeour detailed brochure.

Synthetic Turf For Rooftop Applications

  • Rooftop recreational areas
  • Rooftop playfields for schools
  • Rooftop playgrounds
  • Rooftop putting greens
  • High rise residential rooftops
  • High rise office building outdoor spaces
  • Hotel and commercial building rooftops
  • Green roofs
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Terraces

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Synthetic Turf On Rooftops

Green Rooftops

Isn’t the roof the last place someone would expect to put grass? Synthetic grass may be used to turn a rooftop into a stunning outdoor space. You’ll have a beautiful outdoor room if you combine fake grass with other landscape design components like composite materials, elevated planters, and a fence with wind walls.

It’s green on top, in the middle, and even at the bottom. Beyond the hue, it contributes significantly to improved environmental sustainability, making it really “green.” We take significant efforts to provide goods that are long-lasting, have a low carbon impact, conserve water, and are made with renewable and recycled materials.

Making a green area on top of a house is a good investment that provides significant social, economic, and environmental advantages to its owners. The use of green goods in ceilings and roofing has the added benefit of conserving water and requiring little or no maintenance. Synthetic grass is ideal for practically all green roof applications since it is simple to install on any conventional surface and has the endurance to resist any weather for up to 15 years.

Synthetic Turf As Good Choice For Your Roof Commercial Building

The artificial grass on your roof might also help you market your company. Its logo may be made in any color, making it clearly visible to overflying planes and helicopters. Even better, it will be visible to millions of Google Earth users.

Why Choose Synthetic Grass For Your Roof?

It provides better drainage and rapid drying since it can be put on nearly any surface. Allergen-free and non-toxic. It’s simple to clean and requires little upkeep.

Playground Safety Surfacing is a business that focuses on excellent customer service. With our skilled staff, we install high-quality artificial turf. We welcome you to get in touch with us or get a quote.

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