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Playground Safety Surfacing is the company that provides all of San Diego Playgrounds‘ commercial shade structures. We have products, designs, and shapes for almost every playground and outdoor scenario, regardless of size, shape, or location.

Shade Structure Supplier San Diego

Poured In Place offers Commercial Shade Structures, Shade Sails, And Commercial Umbrellas.

Playground Shade Supplier

Shade structures keep a playground covered, guard against the sun’s rays, and keep the equipment cold in extremely hot weather, as playground equipment heats up rapidly. All of San Diego Playgrounds’ commercial shade structures are manufactured by Poured In Place. Poured In Place is a leader in their profession, and they assist us in delivering a wide choice of products, styles, and forms for almost any playground or outdoor environment, no matter how big or where it is.

Shade Structures Benefits:

  • Increased UVA and UVB light protection reduce the risk of skin cancer in youngsters.
  • The playground is maintained substantially colder; ambient temperatures are reduced by 20-30 degrees, and equipment temperatures are reduced by 50-60 degrees.
  • Each shade structure is designed to comply with local construction codes and regulations.
  • Our shade structures may be incorporated into existing parks and parks that we create from the ground up.
  • Glide-Elbow technology is used. This implies that the structures we build have coverings that can be withdrawn at any time to protect them from extreme weather, such as hurricanes.
  • Thanks to our Monotec fabric, the Shade Sail can span up to 75′, allowing us to cover a vast area for less.
  • Our clients can choose from a variety of various designs. Stop by the office and meet us in person if you’re interested in seeing all of our many available designs.
  • All of our shade structures are developed and manufactured in-house at an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.

Supplier Of Shade Sails

A shade structure protects the children from the weather and keeping the park cool also benefits the park as a whole. Lower temperatures imply that the playground equipment isn’t subjected to as much wear and tear. Metal playground equipment warps and becomes damaged in hot weather. This is less likely to happen if the playground is colder. In addition to putting children in danger, faulty equipment increases maintenance expenses.

Shade Structures are a big benefit to have in your park since they prevent many problems from arising. They’re well worth the price, which isn’t quite as absurd as expected. It’s a worthwhile investment for the benefit of your park and the youngsters who use its safety.


Playground Safety Surfacing has a variety of shade sails and shade structures to keep your kids, parents, diners, club members, and swimmers comfortable.

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  • Sail Canopy
  • 10×10 Shade Canopy
  • Picnic Shade Structures
  • Pool Shade Structures
  • Steel Shade Structures
  • Sun Shade Structures
  • Shade Structure Ideas
  • Cantilever Shade Structures
  • Dugout Style Shade Structures
  • Hexagon Shade Structures
  • Umbrella Shade Structures
  • Engineered Shade Structures
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