Rubber Trails & Paths In San Diego

Playground Safety Surfacing rubber paths are water-resistant, quick-drying, non-slip, and blend in with their environment. Because of the rubber’s elasticity and ‘give,’ these rubber paths are ideal for walking and running without the impact of harder surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. Furthermore, these roads are composed of recycled rubber, which gives tires a second life and keeps them out of landfills.

Our rubber trails have been placed on corporate campuses to provide employees with an ecologically friendly, ergonomic surface on which to stroll and jog during their leisure time, supporting employee health and well-being. Rubber walkways and paths may improve the walkability of cities and urban regions and give client parks a new lease on life. They are secure, comfortable, and robust, and they may encourage people to be active outside, which can help create healthy communities.

Our rubber walkway and trail systems are a safe and appealing choice that will add imaginative design and recyclable materials to our parks, leisure centers, schools, and public institutions. These porous rubber roads are safe for walkers and excellent for strollers, wheelchairs, skateboards, bicycles, and rollerblades.

Below are some examples of rubber trail systems that come in various colors. For the perfect outdoor rubber path, they may be adjusted to various thicknesses, porosity, and durability.

Pervious Pavement Rubber Trails

Poured In Place Pervious Pavement is ideal for trails, walks, and walkways, among other things. This system comprises huge recycled crumb rubber granules that provide a porous surface that allows rainfall to disperse quickly and dry quickly. This single-layer system is cost-effective, simple to install, and composed entirely of recycled rubber. The resultant route will provide years of pleasant, durable, aesthetic, and safe use.

Poured In Place Pervious Pavement paths are available in black, dark brown, brick red, tan, green, and gray, among other hues.

Softwalk Dual Layer Rubber Trails

Our Softwalk is a rubber path system intended to provide a low-impact, good grip, firm but resilient surface for pedestrians and joggers. The shock-absorbing base layer is made from recycled tire rubber, and it’s covered with an EPDM wear layer, a pure virgin rubber compound that’s colored all over and comes in a range of colors. The EPDM wear layer ensures UV resistance and long-term colorfastness.

Our Softwalk system uses a smaller rubber granule than our pervious pavement system, making it an excellent alternative for areas where fewer voids, a smoother surface, and increased color fastness are sought.

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Bound Rubber Mulch Paths

Bound rubber mulch walks are a great alternative for a nature walk or a natural-looking footpath that blends in with the surroundings. This porous, easy-to-install single-layer system is composed entirely of recycled rubber.

Dark brown, light brown, green, tan, brick red and blue are just a few of the colors available in our quality rubber shred. Color mixes of two or more hues are also possible, as seen in the samples below.

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