City Parks & Recreation And Public Works In San Diego

Cities, parks and recreation agencies, and public works departments can use our sustainable surface solutions for a range of purposes.

Rubber Sidewalks, Trails, And Paths For City Parks

Playground Safety Surfacing porous rubber surface products are ideal for park trails, walkways, pathways, sidewalks, jogging tracks, parking lots, and other applications.

Rubber Surfacing For City Playgrounds

Polyester, a collection of playground safety surfacing solutions, is ideal for use in community playgrounds, nature centers, skate parks, theme parks, water parks, gyms, recreation centers, and community blacktops, among other applications.

Synthetic Turf For City Fields

Our Poured In Place synthetic grass products are ideal for street medians, public sports fields, leisure centres outside play areas, municipal landscaping, dog parks, and other applications.

Please contact us if you need assistance choosing the proper product for your municipal, parks and recreation, or public works project.

City, Parks & Rec, And Public Works Applications

  • Community Centers
  • Park Paths
  • Jogging Trails
  • Sidewalks
  • Dog Parks
  • Skate Parks
  • Theme parks
  • Water Parks
  • Street Medians
  • Curbside
  • Parking Lots
  • Freeway Offramps

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