Pervious Rubber Pavement In San Diego

Playground Safety Surfacing pervious rubber pavement is made out of big recycled crumb rubber granules that provide a porous, open grid surface that allows rainfall to quickly disperse and dry. This system is adaptable, allowing for small under-strata movement without cracking and freeze-thaw adaptability.

Stormwater runoff is considerably decreased when precipitation penetrates the surface, and water is permitted to distribute throughout the subsoil to give vital nutrition to plants and bushes. This porous rubber pavement is pliable enough to give a low-slip, spike-resistant, pleasant, and safe surface, yet hard enough to withstand high-impact use from skateboards, strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, and light automobile traffic.

Pervious pavement trails, walks, walkways, jogging trails, running tracks, permeable roads, permeable parking lots, golf cart routes, patios, courtyards, and school playground blacktops are just a few applications for this versatile porous paving surface.

Our Porous Rubber Pavement Systems

Poured In Place porous rubber pavement is typically placed at a thickness of 12″ to 2″. To generate a sturdy, long-lasting surface, this system principally comprises recycled rubber granules linked together with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic binding agent.

Rubber granules are made from metal-free, refined recycled tires. To mimic the look of asphalt or stone, these rubber granules are encased with long-lasting, guaranteed, non-toxic pigment. Various hues, including black, cocoa brown, brick red, tan, green, and gray, are available to provide you with creative alternatives.

We have created various pervious pavement systems over the years to suit specific uses, including PP3000, RubberRock 6000, and Evolution, as mentioned below.

PP3000: Flexible Porous Rubber Pavement

This is our traditional, porous rubber pavement system, which comprises recycled rubber granules encased in a non-toxic color.

Rubberrock 6000: Porous Rubber Pavement For Parking Lots

RubberRock 6000 is a heavy-duty porous rubber paving technology ideal for permeable parking lots requiring stormwater management. This previous rubber pavement is particularly durable and solid, with ideal porosity, and is intended to bear significant weight loads as well as modest vehicular traffic.

RubberRock 6000 uses a unique binder and incorporates a stone aggregate in addition to recycled rubber granules, resulting in a tougher, more durable surface.

This porous pavement technology is intended to improve traditional asphalt attributes such as force reduction, permeability, durability, flexibility, and noise reduction. There are a variety of color options available.

PIP Evolution: Colorfast Pervious Rubber Pavement System

Poured In Place Evolution is a long-lasting, weather-resistant previous rubber pavement system. Evolution is an open grid system that drains quickly and retains color for a long time.

The top or “wear” layer of virgin rubber granules is solid in color throughout to prevent the color from fading out over time in this revolutionary two-layer method. This colored rubber is combined with a durable, transparent, UV stabilized binder and poured over a recycled rubber base layer.

A stone aggregate may also be employed to get all of the benefits of the RubberRock 6000 system with the bonus of assured color fastness over time.

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Rubberway Pervious Rubber Pavement Design Options

Poured In Place pervious pavement systems come in several colors and three sieve sizes to satisfy various design needs (from largest to smallest: bits, granules, and crumb). If you have specific project requirements and are unsure which our system will meet them, please contact us, and we will be happy to make a recommendation or work with you to develop a custom solution.

Environmental Benefits Of Porous Rubber Pavement

Our ecologically friendly technology qualifies for several LEED points and meets or exceeds the EPA’s heavy metal leaching regulations.

Storm Water Management

Poured In Place Pervious Pavement is a rapid-draining, open-grid technology that allows groundwater recharging while reducing stormwater runoff. Our Pervious Pavement drains at 56 gallons per square foot per minute.

See LEED SS Credit 6.1, 6.2 for more information.

Recycled Content

Most Poured In Place Pervious Pavement systems are made entirely of post-consumer recycled passenger and truck tires.

See LEED MR Credit 4.1, 4.2 for more information.

Recommended Applications For Our Pervious Pavement

  • Porous Rubber Trails
  • Rubber Pathways
  • Rubber Running Tracks
  • Permeable Parking Lots
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Permeable Driveways
  • Storm Water Management Systems
  • Erosion Control
  • Emergency Lanes
  • School Blacktops
  • Rubber Decking
  • Street Medians

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