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The physical environment of school playgrounds is an important part of kids’ and instructors’ general health and safety. It is especially crucial for K-12 schools to select ground coverings that are suitable for children’s health while still offering locations that are not difficult for instructors and parents. The playground areas get a lot of usages, so school boards will want to have spaces that are both durable and easy to maintain. Because we at Poured In Place are aware of this problem, we provide the option of installing artificial grass on school grounds. Synthetic grass is an excellent choice for creating safe, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible playgrounds. Contact us at Playground Safety Surfacing

Our fake grass for schools is produced with non-toxic materials that pose no risk to children, allowing them to spend their time in a safe environment that is environmentally friendly and contributes to the state’s water conservation efforts. Synthetic grass may be placed on practically any site in a short amount of time.

Especially For The Kindergarten

We recommend it for kindergarten areas because of the amount of time the children spend on the ground, as well as for primary schools because of the frequent running of the children during those periods. The artificial grass gives the playing fields a touch of refinement and beauty. Our artificial grasses have numerous benefits over genuine grasses: they are low maintenance, can withstand high traffic, are extremely easy to clean, do not get filthy quickly, are constantly green, do not require mowing or pruning, and do not require watering.


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