5 Steps For The Best Poured In Place Rubber Maintenance In San Diego

July 20, 2023 in Near Me

5 Steps For The Best Poured In Place Rubber Maintenance In San Diego

5 Steps For The Best Poured In Place Rubber Maintenance In San Diego

5 Steps For The Best Poured In Place Rubber Maintenance In San Diego

5 Steps For The Best Poured In Place Rubber Maintenance In San Diego

When selecting a surface, safety and environmental impact should be taken into consideration. Wet pour flooring and surfacing offer the greatest standard of safety and toughness. For all types of projects, we provide one of the best wet-pour surfaces. Our wet pour rubber surface installation is affordable and ensures long-lasting use in a variety of locations, including playgrounds, schools, splash parks, and sports courts.

  • Site Suitability

We must maintain our mixing facilities as near to the site as is practical since wet pour surface materials cure quickly. The wet pour rubber surface can be installed on top of a sufficiently hard site surface, such as concrete, tarmac, etc.

It’s crucial to understand how long the tough underlying layer will last in general. Increased maintenance costs result from installing a wet pour rubber surface on a subpar base surface.

  • Maintenance

The rubber safety flooring is permeable, thus the restricted sections must always be maintained clean. Making sure that water entering the area may move through the surface without clotting on the playground and endangering safety is highly crucial. To maintain wet pour rubber surfaces, the following measures should be taken:

  • Maintaining A Spotless Surface

As was previously stated, the wet pour rubber surface needs to be kept clean to prevent rotting and the formation of a layer that obstructs drainage. Moss, weeds, and other species may make a home there if the layer forms. Debris and other types of impurities from the surface should be easy to remove with routine cleaning using mild power washing and scrubbing.

  • How To Remove Stinky Stains

Stains can be easily removed by using hot water (do not use boiling water) and a cleaning agent. Oil stains and other stains of a similar nature can be removed using methylated spirits and a cloth. Aerosol freezers could also be used to dispose of chewing gum.

  • Ice And Snow

Snow and ice won’t harm wet pour rubber, but it’s still critical to remove them frequently. Rubber-edged brushes or scrapers work best for removal. The surface may be distorted by metal shovels and scrapers. De-icers made with solvents also shouldn’t be allowed.


How Long Does It Take To Dry Poured Rubber?

24-48 hours, keeping in mind that it is warmer than 40 degrees F.

How Much Heat Can Rubber Take?

Natural rubber shouldn’t be utilized in applications where the temperature is constant and higher than 85 °C. For many high-temperature applications, that is simply insufficient. However, some synthetic rubber grades can provide excellent heat resistance exceeding 300 °C thanks to their chemical composition.

What Is The Safest Surface For A Playground?

Every amazing playground surface blends functionality, aesthetics, and testing-to-dateness. Engineered wood fiber, on the other hand, is unparalleled in terms of safety (EWF).

Even when kids play for hours on end, our products will keep the surface in good condition. For additional information on repairs and upkeep, contact Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777.


Get in touch with Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the best supplier of playground surfaces and more.

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