5 Steps To Maintain The Best Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

April 18, 2023 in Near Me

5 Steps To Maintain The Best Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

5 Steps To Maintain The Best Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

5 Steps To Maintain The Best Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego

5 Steps To Maintain The Best Poured In Place Rubber In San Diego


Safety and environmental tolerance should be taken into account when choosing a surface. The highest degree of security and durability is provided by wet pour flooring and surfacing. We offer one of the best wet-pour surfaces for all job types. Our wet pour rubber surface installation is cost-effective and guarantees durability for every location, including sports fields, playgrounds, schools, splash parks, and more. 

  • Site Appropriacy 

Wet pour surfacing materials cure quickly, so it is essential that we keep our mixing facilities as close to the site as is possible. If the site surface is suitably hard, such as concrete, tarmac, etc., the wet pour rubber surface can be installed on top of it. 

In general, it’s important to know how long the hard underlying stratum will endure. Installing a wet pour rubber surface on a poor base surface will only increase maintenance expenses. 

  • Maintenance 

The confined sections must be kept clean at all times because the rubber safety flooring is porous. It is especially important to do this to make sure that water flowing in can pass through the surface without clotting on the playground and endangering safety. The following actions should also be done to maintain wet pour rubber surfaces: 

  • Upkeep Of A Spotless Surface 

The damp pour rubber surface needs to be kept clean, as it was previously mentioned, to avoid rotting and the development of a layer that obstructs drainage. If the layer develops, moss, weeds, and other organisms may find a home there. Regular cleaning by gentle power washing and scrubbing should make it simple to remove debris and other kinds of pollution from the surface. 

  • Getting Rid Of Stinky Stains 

Using hot water (don’t use boiling water) and a cleaning solution will make stains easy to clear. Methylated spirits and a cloth can be used to remove oil marks and other similar stains. Chewing gum could also be disposed of using a spray freezer. 

  • Snow And Ice 

Wet pour rubber won’t be damaged by snow or ice, but it’s still important to continuously scrape them off. The finest removal instruments are rubber-edged brushes or scrapers. Metal tools and scrapers have the potential to deform the surface. Additionally, de-icers based on solvents shouldn’t be permitted. 


When Poured Rubber Is Dried, How Long Does It Take? 

24-48 hours, taking into account that the weather is above 40 degrees F. 

What Level Of Heat Can Rubber Handle? 

In applications where the temperature is constant and greater than 85 °C, natural rubber shouldn’t be used. That is merely insufficient for a number of high-temperature applications. The chemical design of a few synthetic rubber grades, however, allows them to offer extraordinary heat resistance above 300 °C. 

What Is The Safest Playground Surface? 

Every great playground surface combines safety, testing-to-dateness, and visual appeal. However, when it comes to protection, engineered wood fiber is unrivaled. (EWF). 

Our products will maintain the surface in top shape even when kids play nonstop. Call Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777 for more information about repairs and upkeep.


Get in touch with Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the best supplier of playground surfaces and more.

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