How To Install Synthetic Grass Next To Real Turf In San Diego?

March 2, 2023 in Near Me

How To Install Synthetic Grass Next To Real Turf In San Diego?

How To Install Synthetic Grass Next To Real Turf In San Diego?

How To Install Synthetic Grass Next To Real Turf In San Diego?

How To Install Synthetic Grass Next To Real Turf In San Diego?

Both real grass and artificial grass have qualities that are both similar and distinct.

Some people prefer natural grass even though artificial grass is designed to look and feel just like the real thing. We get asked quite frequently whether or not artificial grass can be laid down next to real grass. Continue reading if you are interested in learning more about laying turf close to existing grass.

Is The Existence Of Both Artificial And Natural Grasses Possible?

Yes, it is possible for natural and synthetic grass to coexist. There are many different reasons why somebody might want to do this, such as desiring a low-maintenance lawn on which to relax or play, desiring real grass in order to promote biodiversity, or desiring a dining area. Two surfaces can be paired together regardless of the cause.

Adding Turf To An Existing Lawn

Installation must be done carefully when real and artificial grass are combined.

Many of our customers live throughout San Diego and are required to follow our do-it-yourself installation guide. However, we recommend our professional installation team for those who are located in our southeast catchment region. Take into consideration the following if you want to achieve this goal while preserving the natural turf.

Because you will need to cut your real lawn at some point, you should take care not to inadvertently trim your artificial grass.Brick edging is one option for delineating a specific area in your yard. Now is the time to install your choice.

Install a weed membrane underneath your artificial grass, and then cut the membrane to the appropriate dimensions. Following the completion of the neat joins, kiln-dried sand should be spread across the lawn and brushed through.

Should Natural And Artificial Grass Be Mixed Together?

In addition to being low-maintenance, artificial lawns have the benefits of appearing natural, being soft to the touch, and being safe for both children and pets.

This allows you to use your yard without having to worry about damaging the surfaces.

Combining the two may result in more work on your part due to the fact that you will need to maintain your natural lawn while also ensuring that it does not interfere with your artificial lawn. In the winter, natural lawns can become muddy and messy, and you definitely do not want that to happen on your synthetic turf.


What Benefits Does Synthetic Grass Offer? 

Pet-friendly, durable, long-lasting, inexpensive, and offering a wide range of design options, artificial grass will give you a lush, vibrant landscape that you can enjoy all year long. 

How Long Is Synthetic Grass Durable? 

With minimal maintenance, the lifespan for outdoor use is often excellent at 10-15 years and can even last twice as long. 

Does Synthetic Grass Withstand Water? 

The materials used to create artificial turf are water resistant, even when exposed to large amounts of water. Artificial turf won’t be harmed even if buried for a long period. The nylon/polyurethane combination is virtually impermeable to all sorts of moisture. 

We are able to discuss the different types of artificial grass that we offer, provide an estimate for the installation cost, and talk about alternative payment methods if necessary. Playground Safety Surfacing can be reached at (888) 902-3777 and can provide further information regarding the laying of turf close to existing grass.


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