The Many Pros of Rubber Playground Flooring San Diego

April 5, 2022 in Near Me

The Many Pros of Rubber Playground Flooring San Diego

The Many Pros of Rubber Playground Flooring San Diego

The Many Pros Of Rubber Playground Flooring

When choosing a playground surface, whether you are renovating or beginning from new, you may want to consider installing rubber playground flooring. This high-quality product is long-lasting and requires little maintenance once fitted.

The Rubber Playground Flooring Advantage

To guarantee that flooring materials are suitably shock-absorbent for injury prevention, playground safety rules require a minimum depth fill. Materials must meet the following requirements in order to comply: Contact us at Playground Safety Surfacing.

At least 12 inches deep, with a radius of at least 6 feet all around the apparatus.

The critical height rating of the playground equipment is taken into account while determining the depth requirements. Increased equipment needs more flooring depth and coverage. The whole set of regulations may be found on page 8 of the CPSC Public Playground Safety Handbook.

Even when materials migrate, minimum depths must be maintained. Loose-fill materials fluctuate with time, affecting their depth. High-traffic locations are especially hazardous, such as under the monkey bars, slide exits, and below swings. In these places, both synthetic and natural loose-fill materials move a lot. When the minimum depth requirement is no longer met, safety becomes a big concern. These high-traffic zones are also the most prevalent injury spots on the playground. When the flooring quality is poor, the danger of harm increases.

On the other hand, rubber playground flooring meets the required depth when installed. Even in high-traffic locations, materials are put in place and proven to withstand displacement over time.

Another important feature of rubber playground flooring is its long-term durability. These surfaces are built to last, needing little to no upkeep throughout the course of the playground’s lifespan. Rubber playground flooring keeps in place in high-wind zones where loose-fill materials blow out of boundaries. Materials can also be customized to a great extent. Any theme may be matched with a variety of colors and forms.

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