How Much Does Poured-In-Place Rubber Cost In San Diego?

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How Much Does Poured-In-Place Rubber Cost In San Diego?

How Much Does Poured-In-Place Rubber Cost In San Diego

How Much Does Poured-In-Place Rubber Cost In San Diego?

  How Much Does Poured-In-Place Rubber Cost In San Diego Wet pour rubber flooring, or poured in situ rubber surfacing, is used for outdoor playground floors, daycares, schools, water-themed parks, and public parks. It has endless architectural possibility, long-lasting aesthetic appeal, and can be created deep enough for youngsters to play on.  Consumers wonder how much poured rubber playground surfaces cost due to their unsurpassed safety and design. To determine your unique cost, consider a few principles. 

Establishing Your Playground? 

Poured-in-place rubber is usually laid over compacted aggregate. This aggregate costs $3–$6 per square foot and must be compacted. Preparing an open field requires removing the grass and levelling the ground. Grading flattens surfaces. Contact your playground contractor for a price and they’ll handle the preliminary work! 

How Thick Should The Poured-In-Place Rubber Be? 

Base and wear layers make up poured-in-place rubber. The playground’s strong, springy rubber base keeps kids safe. Its depth matches the playground’s critical fall height. It can be 10 inches thick! Tire-recycled TPV rubber forms the foundation layer. Stretchy wear layers are less springy. It lasts longer and can endure UV radiation, weather, and natural wear and tear.  Most playgrounds include a half-inch EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) wear layer with coloured granules. This is made for poured-in-place rubber playgrounds, not recycled. Playground depth determines poured in place rubber surfacing cost. Deeper rubber surfacing costs more, but it makes the playground safer. Depending on options, poured-in-place rubber costs $10–15 per square foot. 

Which Bonding Agent Do You Want? 

Aromatic and aliphatic glues bind poured-in rubber. Aromatic glue is cheaper and amber-colored. It works well for 50/50 rubber granule colour mixes.  The main drawback is that UV radiation may turn the surface yellow. Aliphatic bonding is transparent but more expensive. Our splash pad clients use it more in 100% lighter-colored layers.  Maintenance is the best way to save money after buying playground surfacing. Robertson Recreational Surfaces offers playground maintenance and repair services and supplies. We may send a DIY repair kit or a team to apply a Refresh roll coat for preventative maintenance. 


What Is The Poured Rubber Lifespan? A well-maintained PIP surface can last 10 years or more. Maintaining poured-in-place rubber surfaces is crucial. Is Poured-In-Place Rubber Permeable? The outcome is a cushioned, durable, permeable, slip-resistant surface in unusual colour combinations. PIP doesn’t move because it’s unitary. How Much Rubber Is Placed? Depending on options, poured-in-place rubber costs $10–$15 per square foot. Start installing wet pour rubber flooring now that you’ve examined some of the key pricing concerns! Explore Playground Safety Surfacing’s other playground surface alternatives on the playground surface cost comparison page if pour in situ rubber isn’t perfect for you. Contact us for a price on pour-in-place rubber surfacing! Our professionals want to help you build your playground. Call Playground Safety Surfacing at (888) 902-3777 to speak with a representative.


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